Our mission 

To build innovative mobile applications that solve problems for people, and improve their quality of life. 


Our story

Since our founding in 2013, Chamber DS® has worked as a strategy and IT partner to organizations to develop and enhance their innovative ideas and business systems. Here's our story.

In 2013, the company was founded by two friends determined to solve problems for people. This determination quickly sprouted into a full-fledged mobile app development company with 15 team members working on over 30 mobile apps, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, within the first two years of business. 

At the time of inception, Alexander Gross was fresh out of Epicodus and Sparky, a mobile app startup he'd been working on throughout college. While Jordan Bryant was licking his wounds from his attempt at a new business model for a travel concierge service, XPERTravel, backed by his prior successes in the construction industry.

Before the pivot that became Chamber DS, the duo was servicing small "mom and pop" shops with social media management packages and simple mobile responsive website development. They saw an opportunity to scale through local Chamber of Commerce, and thus branded as Chamber Development Services and acquired the domain www.chamberds.com. 

While going through the Chamber of Commerce procurement processes, Alex stumbled upon a mobile app development opportunity for a local eye physician. Using developers from Alex's recent mobile app, Sparky, the duo built their first mobile app for a client, a whopping $5,500 project. Lo and behold, the client was very pleased and it was suprising easy for them to pull off. 

Once realizing they could perform a quality service at a lower price point than anyone in town, they made partnerships, expanded their network, started to build a credible reputation, took on a couple more mobile projects, and officially pivoted to Chamber DS, where mobile development only takes one shot! 

Jordan's love of systems and processes quickly helped them scale. Then it was off to the races, hiring project managers, designers, business developers, and iOS and Android developers. Getting into bigger and bigger projects, this pushed the team to differentiate from other mobile developers and provide additional services the market demanded. This included app store market research, concept validation, business and project investment planning, app store deployment strategy, ongoing marketing consulting, and app optimization derived from analytic tracking ...all this above and beyond the table stakes of intuitive design and quality assured development by the way. 

The next chapter in the company's evolution came in early 2016, when Chamber DS joined forces with Emerge Interactive, a premier digital agency that has been servicing top-tier clients around the world since 1998. This allowed us to truly own end-to-end with any mobile project for our clients, from just an idea, to a scale of any size and complexity. Our emphasis on partnerships with our customers and specialty partners to be the very best, creates a platform that is unbeatable.   


Our partners