(AA #6.2) – Andrew Garkavyi (Pt. 2) – CEO of Stanfy, A Look Behind the Curtain From an Expert in Agile

About This Episode

Andrew Garkavyi is CEO of Stanfy, a design and development company out of San Francisco, California, that specializes in UI/UX and development across mobile and wearable devices.

Andrew has a master degree in computer science, initially started as an engineer, and has now made his way to the top, as leader of Stanfy. Stanfy mainly consults startups, and companies interested in new and existing technologies, with a constant focus on making the software development process more efficient with Agile.

Ways To Listen To This Episode

Key Points


  • The two “Moments” of getting into app development
    • Finding a Team
    • Investing in creating a Team
      • The factors of building a team
  • Andrew and I get a little deeper and talk about the fundamentals of creating a successful development team
    • The “NO” man
  • Flow of creating an App
  • Andrew defines what Agile is and how to Apply it
    • Philosophy and approach
    • Old vs. New
    • Lean: Build, Measure, Learn
    • The evolution of Agile and the development process
  • Rapid Fire Question Round
  • Andrew gives us his perspective on Execution Vs. Idea (Vs. Implementation)
  • Biggest learning lesson on App journey YTD
  • Favorite business book
  • Favorite App Marketing tool
  • Favorite App
  • Future of apps
  • One of the REALLY cool things he’s working on now

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