(AA #8) Ben Storm – Director of Awesome at Knuckleheads, Data Driven App Funding & Getting to Market

About This Episode

Ben Storm is the Director of Awesome at Knuckleheads. Ben leads business, partnerships (and all things awesome) for KH. Developing and growing relationships with agencies and companies around the country to bring mobile capabilities to their projects, clients, and ideas.

When not growing KH you can spot Ben enjoying wine or champagne at one of the many local area eateries, or running around Portland training for his next race… Gotta burn off the calories somehow!

Ways To Listen To This Episode

Key Points

  • We start out the conversation talking wine, and Ben’s approach to finding the great wines
  • Ben gives us a brief overview of Knuckleheads
    • Analytics
    • Push notifications
  • We dig a little deeper in analytic packages and what to track
    • Depends on what you’re building and who you’re building it for
    • Enterprise vs. Consumer
    • Data has a better chance of getting investment
  • Securing investment
    • What to consider when wanting to be investable
    • Monetization along with a plan to get investment
  • Getting started
    • Pick one platform, iOS vs Android
      • Why one over the other?
    • Blueprint Phase
  • Quality Assurance
    • Getting it out to get the feedback, can’t catch everything
      • Benefits of an MVP and getting it out
    • Depends on timeline and budget, like everything else
  • Best successes
  • Long term vision
    • Enterprise
      • Internal efficiency tools
    • Consumer App
    • Talks about Instagram and using market research to drive success
  • I talk about a music and fitness app to dig into Ben’s marketing research perspective and a crowded space
    • A player in the space that can validate the concept
    • Not a crowded space
    • Using the PR in a way that’s different to approach the marketing channels a different way
  • Getting started, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Rapid Fire Questions

  • Put more emphasis on the idea or execution, and how would you way each, and why?
    • 60% Idea, 40% Execution
  • Biggest learning lesson?
    • Do the Blueprint (discovery-type phase) since Day 1
  • Favorite online resources
    • Venture Beat
    • TechCrunch
    • Geek wire
  • Great marketing resource
    • Google, do a search there on competition
  • What is your favorite app?
    • F1 racing app
  • Coolest thing Knuckleheads is working on
    • Marq – Affordable Point of Sales solution

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