(AA #9) Jonathon Hensley CEO of Emerge Interactive, Value and Data Driven Innovation

About This Episode

Jonathon Hensley is CEO of Emerge Interactive, a digital innovation company, where he works with clients to transform business strategies, user needs and new technologies into valuable products and experiences.

An accomplished writer and sought-after speaker, Jonathon has lectured on topics such as the connected consumer’s impact on business, creating value through data-driven experiences, and user-centric approaches to innovation.

Ways To Listen To This Episode

Key Points

  • Jon and I talk innovation
  • Jon tells us how he got started in the digital space, building and hacking computers from Palo Alto, California
  • He also discusses what innovation means to him
    • How to approach solving the problem
    • Understanding the needs
  • He talks about some of the services Emerge Interactive offers that set them apart from the rest
  • We discuss the steps necessary to determine if your idea is viable or feasible
    • Determining if the idea has value, and enough so to monetize it
    • Cost to bring it to market and support it ongoing
  • Focus on value to the “user” first
    • Is it Sticky?
    • How to look at value specifically to your app concept
  • What you can do up front to gauge the value
    • Go out on the street, meet and talk to people. Show visuals!
    • Find ambassadors to help validate the idea
    • Find a community that can be turned into an initial user base
    • Tester group size and benefits
    • Test group size pros and cons
  • We discuss emerging trends in mobile and where Jon sees it going
    • Enterprise mobile and the opportunity
    • Mobile to the Internet of Things
  • 3 initial strategies that go into innovation
  • Augmenting vs. New
    • How it’s integrated, and what the ecosystem is
  • User experience
  • Technology
  • Jon uses the Airline industry to explain the augmented value of a mobile app
    • Competition Advantage
    • Differentiation
  • We talk about customer feedback and how important it is
  • Then we discuss how often to implement the feedback and make changes to stead ahead of the curve
  • “Are we delivering on our promise, is this still providing value, and what’s coming next!”
    • Think about the audience, is it delivering more value?

Rapid Fire Questions

  • Put more emphasis on the idea or execution, and how would you way each, and why?
    • 60% Idea, 40% Execution
  • Biggest learning lesson?
    • The importance of not skipping any steps
  • Favorite Business Book
    • The Hard Things About Hard Things
  • Favorite digital resource
    • LinkedIn
  • What is your favorite app?
    • Instagram
  • Coolest thing Emerge is working on
    • Innovation Roadmap

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